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What We Can Do for You

Rapid Prototyping

Do you have a project in mind but you are not sure if a peelable coating is the way to go? Just ship us some samples of your products and we will coat them with the appropriate peelable coating and will ship them back to you for analysis.

Online Project Assesment

Schedule a video call with one of our team members and we will help you analyse if a peelable coating is the best action plan for you. We will do this by putting your interests at first.

Custom Formulation

Do you wish to use peelable coatings for a new application never used before? Share your idea for the perfect peelable coating for you and we will design it as long as there is a business case for it. In some cases we can make custom formulations according to customer specifications.

Post Processing and CO2 Assesment

We can work together to insure the used peelable coating is disposed accordingly and soon we will be able to re-recycle it again. Also, we can help you calculate how much CO2 you reduce by using our product compared to conventional methods.

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories... those that carry us forward are dreams."

HG Wells

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